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February 12, 2009

Stimulus is coming

Here’s summary of goodies  in ‘American Recovery and Reinvestment Act’, popularly known as StimPak, as summarised by Marc Ambinder of Atlantic.

To accomplish these goals, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provides $311 billion in appropriations, including the following critical investments:

Investments in Infrastructure and Science – $120 billion

  • Investments in Health – $14.2 billion
  • Investments in Education and Training – $105.9 billion
  • Investments in Energy, including over $30 billion in infrastructure – $37.5 billion
  • Helping Americans Hit Hardest by the Economic Crisis – $24.3 billion
  • Law Enforcement, Oversight, Other Programs – $7.8 billion

Investments in Infrastructure and Science include:

Infrastructure Improvements

$7.2 billion for Broadband to increase broadband access and usage in unserved and underserved areas of the Nation, which will better position the U.S. for economic growth, innovation, and job creation.

$2.75 billion for the Department of Homeland Security to secure the homeland and promote economic activity, including $1 billion for airport baggage and checkpoint security, $430 million for construction of border points of entry, $210 million for construction of fire stations, $300 million for port, transit, and rail security, $280 million for border security technology and communication, and $240 million for the Coast Guard.

$4.6 billion in funding for the Corps of Engineers.

$1.2 billion for VA hospital and medical facility construction and improvements, long-term care facilities for veterans, and improvements at VA national cemeteries.

$3.1 billion for repair, restoration and improvement of public facilities at on public and tribal lands.

$4.2 billion for Facilities Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization to be used to invest in energy efficiency projects and to improve the repair and modernization of Department of Defense facilities to include Defense Health facilities.

$2.33 billion for Department of Defense Facilities including quality of life and family-friendly military improvement projects such as family housing, hospitals, and child care centers.

$2.25 billion through HOME and the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program to fill financing gaps caused by the credit freeze and get stalled housing development projects moving.

$1 billion for the Community Development Block Grant program for community and economic development projects including housing and services for those hit hard by tough economic times.

$1 billion for the Bureau of Reclamation to provide clean, reliable drinking water to rural areas and to ensure adequate water supply to western localities impacted by drought.


$27.5 billion is included for highway investments

$8.4 billion for investments in public transportation.

$1.5 billion for competitive grants to state and local governments for transportation investments.

$1.3 billion for investments in our air transportation system.

$9.3 billion for investments in rail transportation, including Amtrak, High Speed and Intercity Rail.

[Click here to read the whole post- StimPack Summary]


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