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December 13, 2010

2010 Halloween Party – another view

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Meghna Nair, a 5th grade student at Mary D.Altavesta Elementary School, Woburn MA, presents her view of NEMA’s 2010 Halloween Party. Meghna regularly takes part in dances, skits etc in NEMA functions. Meghna also won the NEMA’s Essay competition held in 2009.  Below, Meghna gives an interesting perspective on the event…

The Halloween party that NEMA organized was very enthusiastic.  There was a haunted house which was very scary to me.  Even though the haunted house was scary, the rest of the party was funny because many adults had costumes, mustaches, wigs, beards and funny masks including my dad.
I also saw a funny skit directed by Manoj uncle.  Even though I did not understand what the story meant I think they a very good job acting.  Something that I think was very fun to the kids was the game such as musical chairs, musical status and passing the parcel.
There were two contests, pumpkin and costume contest. I like many pumpkins people carved and costumes people wore. The Halloween party was funny and I was glad to be there.

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