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December 14, 2010

Halloween 2010 – one more report

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Rithvik is a 5th grade student at Brighton school in Framingham, MA.  Reading is his passion and he wants to be a movie actor  or an author when he grows up.

On October 23,2010 NEMA held a Halloween party. I was a twisted Jester. At the party there were many games, prizes and costumes. There was also haunted house. One of my favorite things was the skit the adults did.

While you are reading this you may remember about the fire alarm which rang like a screaming chimpanzee. For those who don’t know what happened, here’s the stoy of weird chimpanzee like fire alarm. Well, I was walking through the haunted house when the funny fire alrm rang. At first I thought it was the sound effects of the haunted house but when I came out I realized that it was the fire alarm. Everybody evacuated the building. Fog machine in the haunted house was the reason why fire alarm rang. The fire fighters said “no more fire alarm” and that was the end of the weird fire alarm.

So now let’s rewind to the fun and games. I won one of them, freeze dance. I got a coca cola glass as the prize for that. Then there was costume contest. It was separated by age. Another one of my favorite thing was musical chairs!  I lost, but i still like it. There was a lot of food including cup cakes, cakes, chips and salsa.

Now let’s fast forward to the haunted house. It wasn’t as scary as I thought it was.  It was rather funny. But that’s me, others were screaming like the whole world got crashed by a giant meteor. Actually, I will admit that it was a bit scary. I like the way they put everything together.

I don’t know why grown up men did a weird play, but it was hilarious. The Halloween party was something everyone would like.


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