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May 18, 2011

Poem : Whale

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11 year old Karthik Puravankara is a budding poet.  He lives in Kenton , UK. Karthik is 6th Grade student of Mt. Stewart Jr School. He’s also a good cricket player.  Karthik is Anand Puravangara’s(former NEMA President) nephew. This poem was selected  for publication in Young Witers Anthology (  couple of his previous creations are here.

During the dark devilish hour of midnight,
Lurks a mystical creature underneath the murky brine.

He fires, skywards to the world of azure above him,
Ruthless, no care, without a sign.

But hey! Here he rises, no rush, no need to rush,
For he is the king of the waters, galleons bow before him,
He is an angel,  he is a guardian in blubbery armour.
What is this we see now?

What has happened to this heavenly creature?
Alas my friends, by the work of demons,
He is dead when washed upon the harbour.

So now we grieve for this giant,
Who was once covered with samphire and halyard,
Currently used as oil and meat,

Harpooners hear me, stop your slaughter!

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