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October 5, 2008

Priorities for the Next American President

It’s election time and appropriately Nikita Shalabh has written an essay about most important priorities of the new President.  Nikita is a 5th grade student at Sherwood Middle School, Shrewbury.

The three major issues that the next president should address in the first term of office is Economy, War and Health Insurance.

Starting with economy including high gas rates, high taxes and less jobs we don’t have a stable community. I think the next president should lower taxes and lower gas rates too. Also he should think of more jobs so that we will have a better community through out the whole country. Lots of people don’t have jobs so we should think about them first. How will you help them? By helping them get jobs so they have enough money to eat one days worth of food and pay for gas. So I think the next president should take care of that.

Another major issue is Health Insurance. About 47 million people don’t have Health Insurance.
Even if they have it they aren’t covered fully. Due to these reasons people are reluctant to even go to the hospital when they have major medical problems. Reducing the cost of health insurance is one of the things that the next president should address appropriately.

We also have a war going on. So many soldiers are dying when they could be at home with their family. With all this we barely have enough money to help our economy. This war is so costly, one bomb dropped costs so much money no wonder why our economy is going down. It is important to secure our borders more effectively so that illegal immigrants and terrorists can’t sneak in.

These are some major issues we have in our country. If we take care of these issues we will be able to live life peacefully. After all life is so short. As they say “ Live and let others live.”


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