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November 1, 2009

Autumn and winter – 2 poems

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8 year old Karthik Raj is a budding poet.  He lives in Kenton , UK. Karthik is 4th Grade student of Mt. Stewart Jr School. He’s also a good cricket player.  Karthik is Anand Puravangara’s(former NEMA President) nephew. Below are 2 poems by Karthik , his impressions about 2 seasons – Autumn and Winter.

Autumns Here by

Autumns here and there is nothing to fear.

The fresh chilly air is
oh, so fair.

At night, you can hear the wind
making a creaking sound on your
window pane,
And the branches of trees tapping
again and again.

The leaves of the finest trees
start to shredder,
While we would be cosy
in our nice warm leather.

It is now time to turn the clocks
one hour back,
Because the length of light
is very lacked .

At morning the Rooster gives its
loudest cock’a’doodledoo,
And the best part is that, this is
all just  for you!
The birds start their wonderful songs,
But listen carefully they don’t last long!

Now its time for winter,
I hope your time was great,
Please come back next year,
Winters Morning

Winters morning when the days are colder,
The icy trees become bare,
Soon after the days will become shorter,
What a magical sight to stare,

Squirrels, birds, rabbits and bears
all bring their food to share,
They scavenge for food for their young,
while the humans have some fun,

I love Winter,
I hope you do,
Snow men snow fights and
tomato soup,

I love Winter,
I know you do,
Now its time for the Spring,

September 18, 2009

Flowers in the spring

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Anand Puravangara took this beautiful picture.  And it inspired him to write this short poem.




Am I the best, of  us the four?
Am I the one you want to see most?
Got to go now as fall knocks the door
Will I be missed until my turn?


January 30, 2009

Madhuram Malayalam

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Contributor: Anand Krishnan Puravangara(President NEMA)

Anand loves poems and tries to encourage the usage Malayalam language, especially by new generation.  Anand  found the following  lines of Vyloppilly’s poem captivating.

Check out the beautiful  lines by the great poet Vyloppilli. How can we let this beautiful language die?  ( Malayalam is listed as one of the  languages which will die in the future )


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