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December 14, 2010

Elephunk Theme – Nashua Ladies- NEMA Xmas 2010

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Another captivating performance by Nashua Ladies.

A fusion dance which explores the effect of ‘fusion’ in our life which is in constant transit between our ethnic and American cultures.Nashua Ladies are trying to present this tension between our inner and outer worlds through a traditonal choreography – with a ‘phunky’ twist.The “Elephunk Theme” is a  Tamil masterpiece of Ilayaraja remixed by Black Eyes Peas.

Choreography: Udaya Rani Umesh/Deepa Arun

Participants: Meena Unni, Deepa Arun, Sreeshma Shaji, Hareena Sanil, Mary Joseph, Jiby Santosh, Sindu Santosh, Anjali Rajesh, Udaya Rani Umesh and Devika Nair.


December 13, 2010

Evolution of Bollywood – NEMA XMas 2010

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Evolution of Bollywood depicts how the dance evolved over the years in Indian cinema.  Evoked nostalgia and took us through a journey over decades of Bollywood movies.

Choreography: Meena Uni/Udaya Rani Umesh

Performers: Hridhya Jacob2,  Sandra Jacob, Ankita Shaji, Malavika Nair, Richa Rajesh, Josaphine Mathew, Smriti Suresh, Meghna Geo, Shreya Kappala, Anya Garg,  Antara Garg, Shreya Mulukantla, Sehar Puri, Jyoti Rohit,  Devika Nair, Namitha Nair, Anna Mathew, Sanjana Santosh, Namratha Nair, Aleena Karatra, Kavya Sebastian, Navya Sebastian, Ganga Nair, Janaki Nair, Meghna Kanthan, Sumedha Rajesh

July 2, 2009

Volcano eruption: Astonishing view from space

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This video was taken from International space station.

From NASA’s website:

A fortuitous orbit of the International Space Station allowed the astronauts this striking view of Sarychev volcano (Russia’s Kuril Islands, northeast of Japan) in an early stage of eruption on June 12, 2009. Sarychev Peak is one of the most active volcanoes in the Kuril Island chain and is located on the northwestern end of Matua Island.

May 26, 2009

NEMA Short Movie Competetion


Aspiring film makers – NEMA Calling!

Many of us have dreamed about directing a movie, but various challenges or simply lack of opportunity stopped us from the task. NEMA is conducting a short film competetion – an opportunity which will bring the hidden talents to the fore. You can enter the competetion by submitting an entry before June 15th, more details here. Besides satisfying your creative talents, there are exciting prizes as well.

May 16, 2009

Jessica sings

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Jessica Sunny gave her debut performance during the recently concluded Spring fever talent show. Folks who watched her performance have no doubt that Jessica is a talent to watch for, this 4 year old is a student of Little Learner’s Pre-school in Billerica. Jessica’s favorite characters are Cinderella and Ariel. She likes to dance and listen to music. Jessica picks up a tune very fast, especially the BGM parts of any song.

Watch Jessica’s performance here:

Or listen to the song here:

April 22, 2009

Mukunda Mukunda

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Here’s one of the dances we had for Spring Fever 2009, a well choreographed number, Mukunda Mukunda of Dasavatharam:

Choreography: Rani and Deepa

Performers: Rani, Deepa, Meena, jiby, Anjali, Manju, Hareena, Vidya, Sreeshma, Soniya

January 3, 2009

Malayalam – Russian connection

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December 28, 2008

Dance – Pappu can’t dance Sala – NEMA Christmas 2008

Song: “Pappu Can’t Dance Sala ”
Movie : Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Its party time, fun time, time for loud music, its time for dance. But Pappu is not dancing,
becaaaaaa..use Pappu can’t dance.
Choreographer: Udaya Rani Umesh and Priya Prasad
Participants: Aadithya Anumala, Aishwarya Surendran, Parvathy Sreekanth, Meghana Vadassery, Karthik Harish

Mujra Medley by Nashua Ladies

Song: Mujra Medley
Choreographer: Udaya Rani Umesh and Deepa Arun
Participants: Udaya Rani Umesh , Deepa Arun, Meena Unni,Jiby Santosh, Vidya Sajeev, Soniya Robin, Manju Saji

Dance by Nashua Angels – NEMA Christmas 2008

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Song: “Sasikala charthiya….” from the film Devaragam
Our little angels are whole heartedly welcoming this season of lights and joy….CHRISTMAS!
Choreographer: Meena Unni
Participants: Aleena Karatra,Sanjana Santhosh,Devika Nair,Anna Mathew,Collen Mallier,Namratha Sajeev

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