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October 21, 2010


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New England Malayalee Association chose the auspicious occasion of  Vijayadashami on October 17th, 2010 to start it’s Malayalam classes for children.

The ceremony of Vidyarambham (Vidya means “knowledge” , arambham means “beginning’) for the children is held on Vijayadashami (the last day ofNavaratri) day. On that day thousands of people arrive at the temple to initiate learning to their children.

Initiation into the world of syllabary usually begins with the writing of the mantra “Om hari sri ganapataye namah”(ഓം ഹരി ശ്രീ ഗണപതയേ നമഃ)Hari(ഹരി) refers to the Lord, sri(ശ്രീ), to prosperity. Initially, the mantra is written on sand or in a tray of rice grains. Then, the master would write the mantra on the child’s tongue with gold. Writing on sand denotes practice. Writing on grains denotes the acquisition of knowledge, which leads to prosperity. Writing on the tongue with gold invokes the grace of the Goddess of Learning, by which one attains the wealth of true knowledge.[Vidyarambham]

The first class was a huge success with over 20 children attending. This is an initiative  headed by Manoj Nair  and Asha Manish.  Malayalam classes would be held every other week at the Burlington public library. The schedule is here. The children were thrilled and they are all looking forward to the next class.

Some images of the first class below:


April 26, 2010

Poem – Flower.Alive

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Rithvik is a 4th grade student at Wayland Academy in Framingham, MA.  Reading is is passion and he wants to be a movie actor when he grows up.

While I studied, a flower plant looked at me with power
It was as tall as a tower
It stood there all day waiting for me to pay a visit
The sun lit it’s stem as bright as a gem’s light
suddenly the petals started to fall
All of them started to fall
Faster than I could say stop
With a pop it died
I fell into the ground with a clop
The plant has died
I cried and cried
The poor plant drowned in my tears
Suddenly it started to grow
My tears has made it grow!

March 7, 2010

Boogie Woogie Winner

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Ami Shalabh is a 4th grade student in Spring Street School, Shrewsbury. Her hobbies are singing, dancing and playing soccer.

On Saturday Feb 27, 2010, Boogie Woogie dance competition was conducted in Marlborough Middle School and Ami Shalabh (9 years) won the 2nd place in the Junior category.

Boogie Woogie, a Sony Entertainment Television show, is the longest-running dance reality show on Indian television. In the past few years, the show has been extending its auditions to countries outside of India.

You can  watch the video by clicking on the link below:

Ami-BoogieWoogie from Shalabh Rastogi on Vimeo.

December 18, 2009

Christmas 2009

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Where:  Oak Middle School, Shrewsbury, MA 01545

When: 19th December 2009, 4 – 7 PM

Wow: Magical moments by Christo Joe, Music retreats by playback singer Anita Krishna and many exciting cultural programs.

Yum: Sumptuous Christmas Dinner

Who else: Visitor from North Pole

More …

November 1, 2009

Autumn and winter – 2 poems

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8 year old Karthik Raj is a budding poet.  He lives in Kenton , UK. Karthik is 4th Grade student of Mt. Stewart Jr School. He’s also a good cricket player.  Karthik is Anand Puravangara’s(former NEMA President) nephew. Below are 2 poems by Karthik , his impressions about 2 seasons – Autumn and Winter.

Autumns Here by

Autumns here and there is nothing to fear.

The fresh chilly air is
oh, so fair.

At night, you can hear the wind
making a creaking sound on your
window pane,
And the branches of trees tapping
again and again.

The leaves of the finest trees
start to shredder,
While we would be cosy
in our nice warm leather.

It is now time to turn the clocks
one hour back,
Because the length of light
is very lacked .

At morning the Rooster gives its
loudest cock’a’doodledoo,
And the best part is that, this is
all just  for you!
The birds start their wonderful songs,
But listen carefully they don’t last long!

Now its time for winter,
I hope your time was great,
Please come back next year,
Winters Morning

Winters morning when the days are colder,
The icy trees become bare,
Soon after the days will become shorter,
What a magical sight to stare,

Squirrels, birds, rabbits and bears
all bring their food to share,
They scavenge for food for their young,
while the humans have some fun,

I love Winter,
I hope you do,
Snow men snow fights and
tomato soup,

I love Winter,
I know you do,
Now its time for the Spring,

October 29, 2009

Halloween Photos

NEMA’s 2009 Halloween Party was a fun filled evening . Monsters and Ghosts of all sizes and shapes attended the event. Costumes, contests, music, food, dance  were the main ingrdients of the evening. The event was arranged by NEMA Youth group. The hightlight of the event was the ‘House of Horrors’ built by NEMA youth group.Please click below to see the Halloween album.


2009 Halloween Party

September 30, 2009

Varnothsavam – 2009

Another Malayalam star show making it’s way to Boston area.

This show is directed by National Award winning director Rajeevnath.

Details about Artists:

  • Nedumudi Venu
  • KPAC Lalitha
  • Jayaraj Warrier
  • Nandu
  • Devi Chandana
  • Sayanora
  • Krishna Mohan
  • Seema G Nair
  • Kishore Varma
  • Anju Mohandas
  • Salini
  • BabuJose(Keyboard)

Venue:  Marlboro Middle School, 25 Union St, Marlboro, MA

Date and Time: 10/10/2009, 6:30 PM
For tickets please click here.

More details about the show here.

Varnothsavam 2009

September 18, 2009

Flowers in the spring

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Anand Puravangara took this beautiful picture.  And it inspired him to write this short poem.




Am I the best, of  us the four?
Am I the one you want to see most?
Got to go now as fall knocks the door
Will I be missed until my turn?


September 9, 2009

NEMA Ist annual Short film competition – Results

We are pleased to announce the results of the 1st Annual NEMA short
film competition.

The final five submissions were

1. “Are You From India?” by Team Pandarakalam
2. “Aspirations” by H1N1 Productions
3. “Blueberry Killer” by Chillara Creations
4. “Fortune Cookies” by Minnesota Malayalees
5. “Yaathranantharam” by Team VAAS

We were fortunate to have the following individuals in our judging panel;
1. Abi Varghese of the Akkara Kazhcha team
2. Ajayan Venugopalan of Akkara Kazhcha team
3. Anup Sugunan – a professional actor/director based in Hollywood, CA.

Teams H1N1 Productions and Minnesota Malayalees started out with 5
penalty points for exceeding the allocated 10 minutes.

Leading teams in individual categories were as follows :
1. Cinematography  – VAAS
2. Screenplay – Minnesota Malayalees
3. Acting(Film) OR Subject Matter (Documentary) – H1N1
4. Sound/Technical Aspects – H1N1
5. Creativity – Minnesota Malayalees
6. Overall Impression – H1N1

The judges have weighed in and the WINNER is … (drumroll
please)….”Aspirations” by H1N1 Productions(Part 1 and Part 2).  The judges were
unanimous in their decision and H1N1 Productions won inspite of
starting with a five point penalty.

Click here for the play list of final 5 entries.

September 7, 2009

NEMA Office bearers – 2009-10

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NEMA Office bearers 2009-10

NEMA Office bearers 2009-10

Onam celebrations 2009, held on 5th September 2009 was a huge success. A sumptuos Ona sadya, Maveli and delicious programs and a record crowd. On that occassion the office bearers of 2009-10 were also announced.

President:  Rema Nair
Vice President: Dr.Sreekala Vasudevan
General Secretary: Latha Ajit
Arts Club Secretary: Meena Unni
Deputy Arts Club Secretary: Sneha Jacob
Treasurer: Au Rames
Arts Committee:  Asha Kurup,Udaya Rani,Veena Sabari,Geena Anand
Please join us in wishing this all women crew success.
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