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December 10, 2008

Christmas – a poem

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Nikita Shalabh is already in a festive mood and can’t wait for Christmas to arriveNikita is a 5th grade student at Sherwood Middle School, Shrewbury.

White Snow
Falling slowly
No school
Happy times
Christmas tree
Lighting up
Very bright
Red, Greeen
Blue, White
Warm, Cozy
Plush blanket
In kitchen
Mom’s fruitcake
yummy, yummy
Sitting down
Stuffing Face
All done
go to sleep
Christmas night
Santa tiptoes
In the night
slowly, slowly
Tiptoe light
Keep presents
crinkling paper
Crunchy cookies
Drinking milk
next morning
stocking filled
wrapped presents
Bright and smooth
Christmas Fun!

– Nikita Shalabh


October 5, 2008

Priorities for the Next American President

It’s election time and appropriately Nikita Shalabh has written an essay about most important priorities of the new President.  Nikita is a 5th grade student at Sherwood Middle School, Shrewbury.

The three major issues that the next president should address in the first term of office is Economy, War and Health Insurance.

Starting with economy including high gas rates, high taxes and less jobs we don’t have a stable community. I think the next president should lower taxes and lower gas rates too. Also he should think of more jobs so that we will have a better community through out the whole country. Lots of people don’t have jobs so we should think about them first. How will you help them? By helping them get jobs so they have enough money to eat one days worth of food and pay for gas. So I think the next president should take care of that.

Another major issue is Health Insurance. About 47 million people don’t have Health Insurance.
Even if they have it they aren’t covered fully. Due to these reasons people are reluctant to even go to the hospital when they have major medical problems. Reducing the cost of health insurance is one of the things that the next president should address appropriately.

We also have a war going on. So many soldiers are dying when they could be at home with their family. With all this we barely have enough money to help our economy. This war is so costly, one bomb dropped costs so much money no wonder why our economy is going down. It is important to secure our borders more effectively so that illegal immigrants and terrorists can’t sneak in.

These are some major issues we have in our country. If we take care of these issues we will be able to live life peacefully. After all life is so short. As they say “ Live and let others live.”

September 3, 2008

Onam and Me

We invite Onam experiences and Onam related thoughts from Malayalees in the New Engalnd region. Please send your entries to Nikita Shalabh has written about her thoughts on Onam. Nikita is a 5th grade student at Sherwood Middle School, Shrewbury.

Onam and Me…

My dad is from the northern part of India and my mom is from the southern part. My mom’s family celebrates Onam in a big way.

Onam is an Indian festival celebrated only in Kerala. They dress up in their best clothes. The women make a design made out of flowers. This is called pookkalam. They make the pookkalam in front of their house at the starting of the celebration.

My favorite part of Onam is the food. On Onam you eat on banana leaves. They serve rice, 4 side dishes, varieties of pickle, and papadam. It is a tradition to eat on banana leaves. I didn’t get a chance to celebrate Onam in Kerala so far. I am hoping to do this in the coming year.

I interviewed my grandmother about how she celebrated Onam when she was young. She told me how they made henna by themselves. Henna is a color used to decorate hands. They pluck the leaves off the henna plant and then they grind it manually with a stone grinder. Then they mix with water and it becomes a paste. After they are done they put it on their hands and make the most intricate designs.

She also told me about kaduvakali. The men dress themselves up as tigers and dance around the street.

Her favorite part of Onam is the swing. They make the swing out of ropes and stems of palm trees. And tie it on a branch of a tree.

This year Onam is going to be on September 12th, Friday.

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