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May 19, 2009

Spring fever 2009 – Talent show – Photos

Click here for Spring fever 2009 pictures.

Talent show images

Talent show images


April 15, 2009

Spring Fever 2009


On April 18th NEMA would hold the annual arts and talents day, this year’s version named as Spring Fever 2009.  So what’s different this year?

  • Essay competition – A short essay competition for children was held on April 11th in Shrewsbury public library. This is a remarkable step, to find out budding writers and thinkers in our community.  We hope that this would occur every year and more children would participate. The response and participation this year was phenomenal. The winners, chosen by eminent judges, would be announced on April 18th during Spring Fever 09.
  • Painting competition – Like the essay competition, was held on April 11th.  This was a huge hit. Scores of budding artists participated in this contest and the winners would be announced on April 18th.
  • Fashion show – Different from the usual parade which goes in the name of fashion show in similar events, this one is beautifully choreographed and sequenced.  This is an unique attempt by NEMA  with the help of few persons who are experienced in organizing similar events. Intense preparations are going on for this and few local boutiques are participating in this show. This show would showcase ethnic Indian  as well as western costumes.

What else ?  Following the traditions of yesteryears, NEMA would showcase and provide a venue for local talents. Songs, Dances and many other attractions. If we does not support the talented artists among us , who would?  Show your support by attending Spring Fever 2009. For more details on venue timing etc, click  here.  This would be a fever worth catching.

PS: Click here to watch photos taken during the Painting competetion.

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